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About Laurie's Gentle Pet Grooming

As leaders in pet grooming in Terrebonne, Laurie's Gentle Pet Grooming has built a strong reputation based on honesty, professional service and exceptional customer service. At Laurie's Gentle Pet Grooming we know that only the best will suffice for your beloved pet and we continually strive to ensure our dedicated staff are trained in the best methods of hygiene and grooming so your pet enjoys their spa experience safely and thoroughly.

Our grooming services at Laurie's Gentle Pet Grooming in Terrebonne include everything from Brush and Tidy and Full Grooming along with many other specialty services such as:

  • Ear Care
  • Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover
  • Pawdicure
  • Mini-Makeover
  • Flea 7 Tick Treatment
  • Deodorizing Treatment and more.

Our staff at Laurie's Gentle Pet Grooming is dedicated to serving the Terrebonne community and their animals and are always available to answer questions about any of our services. Feel free to contact us today.